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About Us - Abm Hukuk Bürosu

The Buyukmurat Law Office was established by Atila Buyukmurat on October 1, 1989 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The firm consists of three attorneys and an attorney's assistant. They are Senior Attorney Atila Buyukmurat, Attorney Serkan Alakan, Attorney Salahattin Özdemir and Administrative Assistant Hulya Kasapoglu.

Our office actively practices commercial law, civil law, compensation law, labor law, condominium law, tax law, SSK (Social Security Institution) law, and criminal law.

We have ongoing cases throughout Turkey. Our total number of cases is over 1,500 just for 2005. We presently work with clients and law firms from Hamburg, Frankfurt and Athena.

Our attorneys are experienced in virtually all areas of civil law necessary in order to serve our corporate and individual clients. Our practice is organized by traditional legal disciplines. In addition, we offer clients the benefit of our multidisciplinary background and experience in serving several specific industries.